MCA Master 200gt / OOW 500gt Oral Prep Course



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Course Description

The MCA Master 200 GT / OOW 500 GT is very similar to the IYT MoY Limited/Unlimited qualification but is being asked for more frequently when working overseas when the port officials are used to recognising MCA qualifications. This qualification can allow skippers to take charge of a vessel up to 200 GT and act as Officer of the Watch on vessels up to 500g GT. The Syllabus is vast, and it is not possible to cover everything in just 6 days, or even 6 weeks, so pre-study before and after the course is recommended along with evening study during the course.

The course is run in conjunction with the syllabus in Annex 10 of MSN 1853 which includes:

  • Radar
  • Passage Planning
  • Meteorology
  • Business & Law – inc. MCA vessel codes for less than 500gt.
  • Stability
  • Bridge Procedures
  • Salvage
  • Watch Handovers
  • Safe manning
  • Hours of work
  • Crew agreements
  • Masters’ responsibilities

We have a proven track record of delivering this course and have been achieving commendable pass rates for over 10 years. We sit on the MCA qualification panel and steering group for this syllabus and the Workboat Association Training panel/steering group. We are up to date, dialled into the industry and in our humble opinion, are extremely well placed to deliver one of the best preparation courses available.

Our course provides insight to exam techniques and questions whilst focussing on the Master’s perspective in the ‘MCA / Red-Ensign Commercial World’. The days of learning answers, scenarios, and subjects like ColRegs verbatim/’parrot-fashion’ are long gone. We, as are the MCA, are interested in the Human Element. To obtain this MCA Master 200gt Certificate of Competence, not only must you demonstrate a good depth of knowledge in the required areas, but you are also required to be proficient in understanding and applying the knowledge whilst demonstrating good behaviours and skills. Our course will help you understand the knowledge and become more proficient in applying it correctly. We will coach you to better understand the roles and responsibilities of being a commercial Master.

The final MCA oral examination is effectively also a Risk Assessment of YOU, as a human, as a leader. We will show you what this means during your preparation course at Crew Training Solutions.

Note: RADAR and the collision regulations are covered within our course however it is assumed that you will have underpinning knowledge in the use, operation, and functions of small-craft RADAR. We strongly recommend you also attend our 1-day RADAR course which has been designed to supplement Master of less than 200gt vessels qualifications.


Candidates should be 18 years of age or older. Candidates should hold either the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore with shore based certificate or the IYT/MCA Master of Yachts Limited CoC (available at CTS), as well as: STCW Basic Safety Training, GMDSS Restricted or General Operators Certificate of Competence, ENG1 Seafarers Medical or equivalent, MCA Approved Human Element, Leadership & Management (Operational) course (available at CTS), MCA NOE (Notice of Eligibility) – CTS Can help you obtain this and also book your exam for you. Note: for those intending on completing the Master 200gt Unlimited Sea areas, applicants will need to hold the GMDSS GOC and IYT Master of Yachts Unlimited, not limited. This can be applied for after completing the MCA Master 200gt CoC Limited/NC – Near Coastal (150nm)


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