MCA Master 200 GT oral prep + exam

The MCA Master 200 / OOW 500 is very similar to the IYT MoY Limited/Unlimited qualification but is being asked for more frequently when working overseas when the port officials are used to recognizing MCA qualifications. This qualification can allow skippers to take charge of a vessel up to 200gt and act as Officer of the Watch on vessels up to 500gt.

The Syllabus is vast and it is not possible to cover everything in 7 days so pre-study before and after the course is recommended. The course is run in conjunction with the syllabus in Annex 10 of Msn 1853 which includes Radar, IRPCS, Stability, Marpol, Bridge Procedures, COSWP, Legal, Salvage, Watch Handovers, Safe manning, hours of work, crew agreements, and Masters responsibilities.

Pre-Requisites for Master 200gt Limited:

​· Minimum of 18 years old

· Hold a valid ENG1 Medical or equivalent

· IYT Master of Yacht Limited or RYA YM Offshore Certificate of Competence (Commercial Endorsed)

· 4 x STCW Basic Safety Training Modules (Fire Fighting, PSSR, Elementary First Aid, Personal Survival Techniques)

· A GMDSS Restricted Operators Certificate (ROC or GOC)

· HELM Operational Certificate (Human Element Leadership & Management)

Additional requirements for Master 200gt Unlimited:

· IYT Master of Yacht Unlimited or RYA YM Ocean Certificate of Competence (Commercial Endorsed)

· A GMDSS General Operators Certificate (GOC)


Candidates are required to complete a Notice of Eligibility (NoE) and send it off to the MCA. Allow at least 28 days for the MCA to process your NoE. Master 200 Oral Examinations are conducted online.