• Start date
    06-02-2023 9:00
  • End date
    06-02-2023 17:00
  • Course length
    1 Days
  • Duration
    8 Hours Per Day

IRPCS (International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea) also known as ColRegs, require the use of RADAR ‘’if fitted and operational’’ (see IRPCS Rule 7b). This means if you have it onboard, you need to know how to use it. This course is highly recommended for all candidates taking the IYT Master of Yachts Limited course and/or the MCA Master 200gt Oral Prep Course. ColRegs are included in their entirety within the syllabus for both aforementioned courses. As such, the examiners are quite within their rights to examine you in depth on the use of RADAR for collision avoidance, and to an extent, safe navigation as per SOLAS Annex V.

This course utilises a computer-based simulator and includes the following topics:
  • RADAR Types
  • RADAR Components
  • RADAR Inputs
  • RADAR Sources of Information
  • RADAR Setup – Navigation vs Collision Avoidance
  • RADAR & Position Fixing
  • RADAR Errors
  • RADAR & Collision Avoidance
  • Rule 19 & RADAR Plotting
  • ARPA & Mini ARPA
  • ECS Overlay
This course is available to be taken as an instructor lead online course or onsite at our training facilities in Naples or Palma.

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    1 Day Small Craft RADAR Course - Naples / 06.02.23 1 Day Radar Course
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