MCA Master 200 GT / OOW 500 oral prep and exam

Next Course: November 2018 (additional courses in the new year (2019)

Duration: 7 Days (inc. self study day but not inc. HELM or RADAR)

The MCA Master 200 qualification (more formally – Master code vessels less than 200gt / OOW 500gt) is seen by many seafarers as the next significant step in their professional maritime career because the MCA Master 200 will provide internationally recongised operation through the STCW-95 convention.

It is no secret that many employers, especially in the wind farm industry are demanding this ticket when previously RYA Yachtmaster was deemed sufficient.

Simply put, the Master 200 'ticket' enables the holder to take command of a vessel less than 200grt (code vessels, sail training vessels & Yachts.)

It is also the entry point for those wishing to develop their career towards higher certificates, e.g. 500gt or 3000gt. The qualification acts as a 'bridging qualification' – taking candidates into the MCA Deck Officer framework.

The content of the CoC builds upon the knowledge already gained through the YYT MoY limited programme and tests the candidate on subjects including (not limited to): maritime business and law, salvage, pollution control emergencies, bridge procedures, M notices, stability, IRPCS…

What Are the Requirements for a Master less than 200gt CoC?

The Master 200gt CoC (code vessels <200gt), OOW (Yachts less than <500gt) is for those wishing to progress and already hold an RYA Commercially Endorsed Yachtmaster Offshore or more ideally, the IYT / MCA Issued Master of Yachts (MoY) Professional Qualification.

There are 2 'variables' of the Master <200gt: ‘Limited to 150 miles from safe haven’ & ‘Unlimited area’.

If you hold the Restricted MoY CoC, you will be eligible for the limited (150nm) Master <200gt CoC, if you hold RYA Yachtmaster Ocean or MoY Unlimited CoC, you will be eligible for the unlimited Master <200gt CoC.

To gain a Master <200gt CoC, you will need to complete our oral prep course, some sea service, and finally an MCA oral exam.

Required Service:

You need to have 6 months of sea service on vessels of any size, whilst holding an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore or IYT Master of Yachts Limited certificate.


STCW Basic Safety Week certificates (PST or RYA Basic Sea Survival/PSSR/Elementary First Aid/Basic Fire Fighting)



ENG1 Medical certificate or equivalent

Human Element Leadership & Management (Operational) certificate

UKLAP where applicable (please contact us)

Updating Training for CoC applications– anyone serving on board ship, who holds any of the following certificates must, as of 1st January 2017, have documentary evidence of either completing the training course or updating training within the last 5 years:

Personal Survival Techniques

Basic Fire Fighting


Applying for an NoE (Notice of Eligibility):

To be able to sit the MCA oral exam for Master <200gt, you will need a Notice of Eligibility. This document is issued once the MCA have assessed your eligibility, and an oral exam cannot be booked until the NoE is issued.

Crew Training Solutions can assist you, please contact us.