Superyacht Deck Crew & SPBRIB The MCA Recognised “IYT Superyacht Deck Crew Course”, according to the MCA, is treated as equivalent to the MCA’s “Yacht Rating Course”. The five-day IYT Superyacht Crew course is an MCA recognised course and is highly recommended for entry-level students who wish to enter the superyacht industry. It comprises both theory and practical elements that give the student a comprehensive and all-round general knowledge of the requirements of the superyacht industry. In the introduction of MGN270 paragraph 1.1, the MCA state “All yacht ratings required by a Safe Manning Document, or where a Safe Manning Document is not required then those ratings necessary for the safe manning of a UK registered private or commercial yacht or sail training vessel of 200gt or over, must be qualified in accordance with the MCA ‘Code of Practice for the Safety of Large Commercial Sailing and Motor Vessels’ and this MGN.” (which is MGN270) Holders of the IYT Superyacht Crew Certificate, which is recognised by the MCA, will not need to complete the Yacht Rating Training Record Book and the 6 months yacht service requirement may be reduced to 2 months sea service on vessels 15 metres and over in load line length. Holders will, however, need to meet the other requirements which are, be at least 16 years of age and hold all Basic STCW certificates. They can then apply to the MCA for an MCA Yacht Rating Certificate.